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When to stop sending photo Christmas cards

14 sept. 2022 · HOW LATE IS TOO LATE TO SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS? As a general answer, plan to get your cards in the mail no later than December 12 if you are ...

Should I keep photo Christmas cards?

It is okay to keep special cards.\n\n A hand-made creation with a heartfelt note is different than a generic store card with just a signature at the bottom. Too often people feel obligated to keep every card out of guilt or tradition.

How late can you send Christmas cards?

The first mass-produced Christmas cards were sold in 1843, and the trend quickly caught on. Since then, our postal system has helped billions of festive greetings reach their eager recipients – and, perhaps surprisingly, there's no sign that this is changing.

Are people no longer sending Christmas cards?

How do I politely Stop Sending Christmas Cards? You may politely announce on social media that you are overwhelmed this year and will be taking a break from sending physical cards. You can easily cut your large list down to a smaller list of the closest family or older folks.