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When will the smog exempt year change

That same vehicle will require a change-of-ownership Smog Check if sold in or after 2024 (2020 + 4 = 2024). Diesel-powered vehicles that are model-year 1998 and ...

What year is smog exempt in California 2022?

All vehicles that are model-year 1975 and older do not require a Smog Check.

How many years can I do the smog exemption in CA?

Frequently Asked Questions. My car is new. Do I still have to get a smog inspection when I renew my registration? Starting January 1, 2019, if your vehicle is less than 4 model years old, you can pay a smog abatement fee instead of getting a smog inspection for the first 8 years that your vehicle is registered.

Will California smog laws change?

New California laws will mean stricter smog tests, phase-out of gasoline cars by 2035.