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Where are 9/11 remains kept

A repository for the remains of 9/11 victims under the jurisdiction of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York (OCME) is located at bedrock at the World Trade Center site.

Where did all the debris from 911 go?

The city trucked the debris from the disaster site, designated Ground Zero, to docks at the southern tip of Manhattan. From there the city used Department of Sanitation barges to transport the debris to the recently closed Fresh Kills Landfill in the borough of Staten Island.

Are there still human remains at Ground Zero?

Immediately after the attacks, it was believed that as many as 6,500 people died in the World Trade Center. Due to the gradual discovery and identification of human remains, the number has dropped since then to its current 2,792.

What did they do with remains of 9 11?

But the anticipated amount of human remains was not to become a reality for years, as less than 300 dead bodies were recovered intact from Ground Zero. Since 9/11, there have been 1,647 persons identified of the 2,753 people who died.