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What's the difference between fitness instructor and personal trainer

A gym instructor is therefore a position where you have a contracted job, a gym employs you and you receive a salary. A personal trainer on the other hand, is more often undertaken on a freelance basis where the personal trainer will charge their own fees and deal directly with the clients.

What does a fitness instructor do?

assess people's fitness and create personal exercise programmes. demonstrate activities, exercise machines and weights. help people exercise safely. lead group exercise classes like circuit training or aerobics.

What is the highest qualification for a personal trainer?

The highest standard for a personal trainer is the Level 4 qualification. Level 4 can sometimes have added elements to help set you apart from other trainers, such as our Level 5 Elite Personal Trainer Course with RSPH Nutrition.

What is better than a personal trainer?

There's a difference. Clients of a fitness coach get better results, with fewer injuries, and are more likely to make lasting lifestyle changes. Every personal trainer should aspire to become a fitness coach. It's better for your clients, better for your career, and better for our profession.

What personal trainer certificate is most respected?

NASM is one of the most respected personal training certifications around. Its thorough study materials and well-designed exam make it the best choice for any serious personal trainer.