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Where is Kodak film made

The latest video (below) from Smarter Every Day on YouTube takes you on a tour around the Kodak factory in Rochester, New York, and shows you the process from start to finish. Manufacturing film is a complicated process that demands specialist equipment, materials and a lot of know-how.

Is Kodak film made in China?

All Kodak film, be it Portra, Tri-X, T-Max or even Gold 200, is still — and will for the foreseeable future be — manufactured in Rochester in the United States.

Is Kodak a Chinese company?

The Eastman Kodak Company (referred to simply as Kodak /ˈkoʊdæk/) is an American public company that produces various products related to its historic basis in analogue photography.

Is Kodak film still made in the USA?

The film is made at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, and Bokinkere said in an interview with WXXI News that they've already hired about 350 people in the film manufacturing area since 2021; some of those workers are taking new positions, others are replacing retirees.