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Where is the best place to donate hair for cancer patients

For example, Locks of Love, Wigs For Kids, Chai Lifeline, and Children With Hair Loss focus on children who've lost their hair from cancer or another medical reason.

What is the best charity to donate hair to?

You can get the hair cut at any salon. Hair has to be washed, dried and tied into a plait with rubber bands at both the ends before cutting. Minimum acceptable length for hair donation is a hair plait of 12 inches. Hair shorter than that is wasted as it cannot be used for making wigs.

How to do hair donation for cancer patients?

The required length depends on the charity or company you use. Some ask for at least 7 inches (about 17 cm), while others ask for at least 14 inches (about 35cm). To decide if your hair is long enough, you measure the ponytail of hair that would be cut off (donated).