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What's another word for psychology

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As a science psychology also overlaps with other scientific fields such was named 'Tan' which was the only word he could say while the other had a 

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It was introduced to China at the end of the 19th century There have been several different translations: "Psychology" "Soulology" "Psychology" etc The 

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The valiant knight grabbed his sword and charged the fire-breathing dragon Valiant is another word for brave 1 The wicked witch caused trouble for the 

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the role of what they feel are proper for the situation Cognitive Dissonance – people change Out-group – those perceived as different from themselves

[PDF] RedalycA guide for naming research studies in Psychology

International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology vol Within the second there are seven different types: observational descriptive studies

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method/s it uses Keeping this in view psychology is defined formally as a science which studies mental processes experiences and behaviour in different 


our opinions and our abilities are valued and taken seriously In other words we want to be both liked and respected Psychologists Holloman and Yates 


(3) In other countries is accredited by the respective official the words psychology psychological or psychologist or which implies that he or she 

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