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Which Integrated Shield Plan is the best

Best Integrated Shield Plans
  • Highest claim limit: AXA Shield Plan A.
  • Outpatient benefits: AXA Shield.
  • Most value for money rider: Great Eastern Classic Care & Singlife Health Plus Lite.
  • Longest post hospitalisation – Panel: AIA HealthShield Gold Max A.

What is standard Integrated Shield plan?

An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is an optional health coverage provided by private insurance companies. Consider the coverage you need based on the hospital ward and choice of hospitals you want to stay in, or you'll end up paying more premiums than necessary. If you are not sure you have an IP, check with CPF.

Which company is best in health insurance?

To check if you already have an Integrated Shield plan, you can log in to the Healthcare dashboard to view your coverage status under 'Health insurance' section.