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Which internet is better tmobile or att

AT&T Internet's lowest-priced plan costs $55 per month for download speeds up to 25 Mbps, while T-Mobile 5G Home Internet's plan is $50 per month with AutoPay ...

Is T-Mobile better than AT&T internet?

Overall, including LTE and 5G networks, T-Mobile delivers faster data speeds than ATɪmp;T, according to network testing site, Ookla. T-Mobile delivered median speeds of 116.54 Mbps download speeds in Q2 2022, while ATɪmp;T is significantly slower at 54.64 Mbs.

Is it worth switching to T-Mobile from AT&T?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet customers see typical download speeds between 33-182 Mbps, which is great speed for streaming video, surfing the web, working from home and most types of online gaming. Speeds can vary depending on location, signal strength and availability, time of day, and other factors.