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Which is a reasonable domain value for tee time

We're going learn how to find the domain and range of a graph or verbal ... Determine reasonable domain and range values for continuous and discrete verbal ...

What is a reasonable domain?

Reasonable Domain: The set of all possible values of the independent variable that make sense in the given situation. Mathematical Range: The set of all possible values of the dependent variable. Reasonable Range: The set of all possible values of the dependent variable that make sense for the given situation.

How do you find a reasonable domain for a function?

Let y = f(x) be a function with an independent variable x and a dependent variable y. If a function f provides a way to successfully produce a single value y using for that purpose a value for x then that chosen x-value is said to belong to the domain of f.

What is a reasonable domain to plot the growth function?

As a result, the reasonable domain to plot the graph will be 0≤n≤7 0 ≤ n ≤ 7 . (B) The y -intercept of the graph of the function f is the point at which the graph of f intersects the y -axis and is equal to (0,f(0)) ( 0 , f ( 0 ) ) .

What is a domain value example?

In many cases, domain names have specific and measurable data or attributes on which to base a valuation. Examples would include amount of traffic a domain gets, is it a popular word and correctly spelled, is it on the .com TLD or another less valuable TLD, etc.