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What's another year

What's another year meaning?

For a year means for one year. For another year means a year has passed and another another year is needed.

When did what's another year win Eurovision?

Johnny Logan wins at Eurovision, a second win for Ireland. The 1980 Eurovision Song Contest would see Ireland win for a second time. Johnny Logan represented Ireland singing 'What's Another Year' written by Shay Healy. The song went on to hit the number one spot in the UK charts.

What did Johnny Logan sing in the Eurovision?

The winning entry of the 1987 contest was 'Hold Me Now', performed and written by Johnny Logan. At that time, Johnny had already won in 1980 with 'What's Another Year' and had written the second-placed song in 1984, 'Terminal 3', performed in Luxembourg by Linda Martin.

What is Johnny Logan doing now?

Born in 1954, Johnny is in his late 60's and he lives with his wife Ailis in Ashbourne, Co Meath. However, he also spends a lot of time in Germany. The couple are parents to three children; Adam, Jack and Fionn.

Who sang what’s another year in the 1980s?

Who are the actors in the movie another year?

Is what's another year by Johnny Logan available in other languages?

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Sean took the stage name Johnny Logan and in 1980 composer Shay Healey wrote What's Another Year which Johnny performed in The Hague in the Netherlands The 


Writing himself into Eurovision history was Australian-born Irish artist Johnny Logan who secured Ireland's second victory in 1980 with What's Another Year and 

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The only person to have won three Eurovision Song Contests is Ireland's Johnny Logan: firstly as the singer of What's Another Year? (1980); secondly as singer 

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