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Who donated the most money ever

[PDF] World Giving Index 2022 - Charities Aid Foundation

More people than ever donated money to charity in 2021 Indonesia has the highest proportion of people (84 ) who donated money to charity in the world Myanmar 

[PDF] Ten years of giving trends - Charities Aid Foundation

People from Myanmar are the most likely in the world to have donated money to charity Myanmar has the highest score in the world for donating money The 

[PDF] High Net Worth Philanthropy - IUPUI ScholarWorks

High Net Worth Donor Profile by Level of Charitable Giving Knowledge Most (91 0 percent) high net worth households gave to charity in 2015 


the Giving Pledge the Indian billion- aire made his biggest philanthropic donation ever: Premji ranked as India's third-richest person with a fortune of

[PDF] The Giving Behaviour of Canadians - Imagine Canada

The overall trend is clear: the donor base is getting ever-smaller and changes given donor (i e the single causes they gave the most money to) we find 

[PDF] Value for money and international development - OECD

development funds should be used as effectively as possible: donor taxes have thought about getting the most out of the money they have been entrusted


Most donors are not aware how large a percentage of their donations can go to the professional fundraiser handling the solicitation (See “2015 Fundraising 

[PDF] A Deep Dive into Donor Behaviors and Attitudes - The NonProfit Times

Millennials (52 percent) who are most likely to donate after volunteering • Content is NOT just king it's money Nearly 75 percent of respondents say 

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Who donated the most money to charity

Who donated the most money to charity in 2020

Who donated the most money to charity in 2021