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What is an moral responsibility

16 oct. 2019 · Making judgments about whether a person is morally responsible for her behavior, and holding others and ourselves responsible for actions ...Freedom, Responsibility, and... · Some Approaches to Moral... · Moral Competence

What is the meaning of moral responsibility?

Moral responsibility is about human action and its intentions and consequences (Fisher 1999, Eshleman 2016). Generally speaking a person or a group of people is morally responsible when their voluntary actions have morally significant outcomes that would make it appropriate to blame or praise them.

What is moral responsibility example?

For example, one may have a moral obligation to help a friend, to support a parent in old age, or to minimally respect another's autonomy as a moral agent.

What are the types of moral responsibility?

The article discusses four different areas of individual moral responsibility: (1) Responsible agency, whereby a person is regarded as a normal moral agent; (2) Retrospective responsibility, when a person is judged for her actions, for instance, in being blamed or punished; (3) Prospective responsibility, for instance, ...

Why is moral responsibility important?

Moral responsibility is an important concept related to how people use their free will and must take personal responsibility for their actions. Consequences of any risks taken, must be assumed without passing the blame onto others, including the government.

[PDF] Moral Responsibility - CORE

Moral Responsibility - CORE core ac uk/download/ pdf /232743016 pdf 6 jan 2001 Likewise if fatalism were true with respect to all human futures then it would seem that no human agent could be morally responsible for

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does individual moral responsibility lead to collective - Sciendo archive sciendo com/CRIS/cris 2012 2012 issue-2/v10284-012-0002-2/v10284-012-0002-2 pdf Ethics is a part of philosophy that deals with our moral obligations and beliefs As most of the philosophy it starts from setting questions which are in need

[PDF] Moral responsibility for (un)healthy behaviour

Moral responsibility for (un)healthy behaviour jme bmj com/content/medethics/39/11/695 full pdf individuals act freely and are morally responsible for engaging in unhealthy behaviours approach to considering the moral responsibility of


DISABILITY AND MORAL RESPONSIBILITY kirj ee/public/trames_ pdf /2011/issue_2/Trames-2011-2-156-167 pdf 4 fév 2011 Thus our views of holding people morally responsible are necessarily intertwined with interpersonal relationships; what acts are regarded

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