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What is administration in management

Administration, also referred to as business administration, is the management and application of the processes an office, business, or organisation. It involves the efficient and effective organisation of people, information, and other resources to achieve organisational objectives.

What do you mean by administration?

: the act or process of administering. : performance of supervising duties : management. 3. : the work involved in managing public affairs as distinguished from policy-making.

What is the role in administration?

Administrators support the smooth running of offices by carrying out clerical tasks and projects. As an administrator in the construction industry, you could be organising project meetings. You'd be typing up documents, responding to business enquiries, drawing up contracts and providing customer service.

What is administration and its type?

Management is a systematic way of managing people and things within the organization. The administration is defined as an act of administering the whole organization by a group of people. 2. Management is an activity of business and functional level, whereas Administration is a high-level activity.

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Management and Administration - Sage Publications us sagepub com/sites/default/files/upm-assets/89795_book_item_89795 pdf The first dichotomy we will discuss in this book is between public administration and public management As was pointed out in Chapter 1 we see public


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