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What is hotspot shield network adapter

Hotspot Shield is a mobile and desktop app that adds security and privacy to your WiFi Hotspots and internet network, to protect your data and hide your identity from hackers and snoopers. Hotspot Shield also provides freedom of access to websites that are not available in your area.

Why is Hotspot Shield on my computer?

The Hotspot Shield Toolbar is used to enhance advertising revenue and to increase a site's page position in search results. Hotspot Shield can be downloaded from its official website. However, in most cases, such kind of applications distributed using a misleading software marketing method called 'bundling'.

What does Hotspot Shield do?

The Hotspot Shield client establishes an encrypted VPN connection with one of its supported public VPN servers, through which the user can connect to the Internet. The connection protects the traffic between the user and the server from eavesdropping, and the IP address of the client is not exposed.

Can you be tracked with Hotspot Shield?

With Hotspot Shield Free VPN turned on, your ISP can only see that you are communicating with a Hotspot Shield proxy server. Your ISP cannot see the IP assigned to you by us or determine who you are communicating with.

Can I delete Hotspot Shield?

To uninstall Hotspot Shield from the control panel, please follow these steps: Click the bottom-left Start button to open the Start Menu and type control panel in the search box and press enter. Select Hotspot Shield and click on uninstall. The Window's Uninstall Manager will open, Click Yes.

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