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What is interaction volume and why is it important in sem

1 Interaction Volume. The interaction volume is loosely defined here as the volume within the sample that is affected by the incident ions. Key variables in determining the interaction volume are the atomic number, Z, of the atoms comprising the sample; the energy of the incident ion, E; and the angle of incidence, α.

What is interaction volume in SEM?

A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) utilizes an electron beam to image a sample and generate X-rays for compositional analysis. These require the beam to interact with the sample of interest. The region where this occurs is the interaction volume.

What is specimen interaction volume?

The volume inside the specimen in which interactions occur while being struck with an electron beam. This volume depends on the following factors: Atomic number of the material being examined; higher atomic number materials absorb or stop more electrons and so have a smaller interaction volume.

What are the four important beam parameters in the SEM?

The four major parameters of the electron beam in a SEM: accelerating voltage, convergence angle, beam current and spot size.

What happens when an electron beam interacts with a specimen in SEM?

When the electron beam hits the surface of the sample, it penetrates the sample to a depth of a few microns, depending on the accelerating voltage and the density of the sample. Many signals like secondary electrons and X-rays are produced as a result of this interaction inside the sample.


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