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What is market intelligence

Marketing intelligence is the practice of gathering and analyzing data to drive future decisions. Learn about the goal of marketing intelligence and how ...

What is meant by market intelligence?

Marketing intelligence is everyday data that is relevant to the marketing efforts of an organization. Once collected, this data can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions regarding competitor behaviors, products, consumer trends, and market opportunities.

What is market intelligence example?

For example, A mobile company wants to understand the competitor's position in the market to launch its own product in the same segment. A competitor analysis survey can be conducted to understand the competitor's position in the market, their product features, and their market share.

What are the 3 types of market intelligence?

The four cornerstones of Market Intelligence are Competitor Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Market Understanding, and Customer Understanding.

Why is market intelligence important?

Importance of Market Intelligence\n\n Market intelligence enables you to become more customer-centric, gain a better understanding of market demands and consumer views, gather real-time relevant data, increase upselling chances, minimize risks, increase market share, and gain a competitive edge.


As previously mentioned Market Intelligence is an approach which aims to develop a business strategy guided by the collection and analysis of data

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Jenster and Søilen (2009) present market intelligence as business activities which also include public organizations participating in the markets and being "

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marketing intelligence as an independent variable and the strategies of the application of the system of marketing intelligence to solve all the 

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Market intelligence packages Future job profiles Future workforce insights Competitor benchmarking Features Benchmark with target

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The Global Market Intelligence Surveys conducted by GIA have however revealed that surpris- ingly large companies even in developed geographical market areas 

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Keywords: Marketing Intelligence Business Competitive Advantage Internal Records Competitor's Sales Data Marketplace Opportunity Competitors' Threats 

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Market intelligence is a set of mathematical models and analytical techniques that utilizes the existing data to provide valuable insights 

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Gathering intelligence on financial markets makes a vital contribution to that understanding It enhances and extends insights that come from the analysis of

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Market Intelligence activities are mainly conducted to support corporate strategic planning and business development while sales and marketing remain 

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