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Analyses & Tarifs

Customs Codes and Standardization

Products in the databases are identified using the World Customs Organization’s internationally agreed “Harmonized System” (HS). Under the system, the broadest categories of products are identified by two-digit “chapters” (e.g. 04 is dairy products, eggs and other edible animal products). These are then sub-divided by adding more digits: the higher

For Each Country

These services and data in simpler forms are also available through each member country’s page on the WTO website (see for example Argentina). These pages can be reached from the list of members. The original lists of members’ bound commitments remain available. The digit-level of the bound duty rates in these “schedules of commitments”, can vary f

Research: Special Topics in World Tariff Profiles

Each edition of the World Tariff Profilescontains a technical paper, which can either be related to a statistical methodology, a special compilation of tariff/trade-related indicators or similar research. The following is a list of the published special topics: 1. 2022: Preferential rules of origin in international trade and Non-tariff measures on

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