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  • What does Bank Al-Maghrib stand for?

    The Bank Al-Maghrib ( Arabic: بنك المغرب, lit. 'Bank of Morocco') is the central bank of the Kingdom of Morocco. It was founded in 1959 as the successor to the State Bank of Morocco (est. 1907). In 2008 Bank Al-Maghrib held reserves of foreign currency with an estimated worth of US$36 billion.

  • When did the Bank Al-Maghrib start regulating credit institutions in Morocco?

    That same month, the bank established Dar As-Sikkah, the unit that would be responsible for printing bank notes and minting coins. A new banking act in July 1993 created a unified regulatory framework for all credit institutions. This act strengthened the Bank Al-Maghrib in its role of regulating and supervising credit institutions in Morocco.

  • Why did Bank Al-Maghrib get a new law?

    The new law reinforced Bank Al-Maghrib's independence in terms of monetary policy, and provided a legal basis for its responsibility for the payment system. The new law established the bank as a public legal entity, controlled by the account commissioner, the government commissioner, and the Court of Account.

  • Why did Bank Al-Maghrib sign a partnership agreement in Rabat?

    On 15 November 2022, Bank Al-Maghrib and the Office des Changes (OE), the country's foreign trade watchdog, signed a partnership agreement on Monday in Rabat. The agreement aims to establish a formal framework for the exchange of data and know-how in areas of common interest.

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Bank al-MaghriB et Moi
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Bank Al-Maghrib : missions et politique RH

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