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Unlike concrete nouns, abstract nouns are things you cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch *Be careful identifying and using abstract nouns because 

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Abstract nouns are semantically characterized by a referential meaning (in Instances of all the relatives, except non-restrictive that,

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abstract nouns • collective nouns identification of concrete and abstract nouns writing, except for the keeping up with the Joneses sort of

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singular, except a few nouns which possess a plural ending Yet, there is always the potentiality of every noun to form the plural Thus, certain abstract 

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More abstract nouns are made from verbs differently Verb Abstract Noun live die know advise Abstract nouns are made from common nouns Common Noun

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unless it is at the beginning of a sentence Examples: boy, girl, hospital, store, pencil, car Common Nouns are further classified into: 1 Concrete and Abstract a

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PROPER nouns and ABSTRACT nouns Can you match up the Proper Nouns Abstract Nouns The street was empty except for the milky lights pouring out of

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A sentence usually contains a subject, and must contain a verb Easily Confused Words Give yourself one mark for each correctly identified abstract noun

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Concrete and Abstract Nouns Classify each of the following nouns as either concrete or abstract Lucky will never sit on command unless you train him

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Proper nouns, Common Nouns, Concrete Nouns, Abstract Nouns, Collective Nouns London Toyota John Jupiter Oreo Taco Bell Melissa Mr Jones

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