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[PDF] [PDF] Divergent Interactional Strategies in the Miles Davis Quintet's The

22 déc 2021 · Whether called “controlled freedom,” subverting expectations, or “anti-music,” the quintet's divergent interactional strategies from the 

[PDF] [PDF] A Bevy of Biases - Music Theory Online

[5 8] Music theory is right to acknowledge that music is created and understood against the background of normative practices But thinking solely in terms of 

[PDF] Philip Ewell's White Racial Framework in Music Theory and

Ewell also found music theory to be anti-Semitic: “Our white-male frame whitewashes antisemitism as well Antisemitism in music theory remains 

[PDF] [PDF] Music Theory and the White Racial Frame

over all others, I posit that there exists a strong white-supremacist element to his theories about both race and music in light of his anti-black racism

[PDF] [PDF] McCreless, Rethinking Contemporary Music Theory

Distinctive of music theory among the three academic musical discipline , at least a practiced Whatever objections can be lodged against it music theory

[PDF] [PDF] The Scientific Image of Music Theory

claims for and against scientific music theory? On the one hand, we will argue that the case for scientific music theory is far stronger than its detrac-

[PDF] [PDF] Music, Theory, and Education in the Wake of Schenkergate: A UK

Oriel College, University of Oxford, after a prolonged campaign led by the protest movement Rhodes Must Fall, recently decided against the removal of their stat 

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