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the immediate past, they were by definition anti-romantics Key words: Romanticism, anti-romanticism, modernism, New Criticism, classicism, conservatism

[PDF] Romantic Liberalism in Spain and Portugal, c 1825-1850

11 mai 2015 · republished in Skinner, Meaning and context: Quentin Skinner and his De Ruggiero dismissed romantic historicism as 'anti-historical 

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movements; is it possible to define a literary work as romantic, classic, realistic, etc ? Question two: Is there a clear-cut definition of the term romance 

[PDF] Anti-romantic elements in the biographical-critical poems of W H

RICE UNIVERSITY ANTI-ROMANTIC ELBiENTS IN THE BIOGRAPHICAL- CRITICAL it is in the poetry and prose of 1937-41 that Auden begins to define

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