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the immediate past, they were by definition anti-romantics Key words: Romanticism, anti-romanticism, modernism, New Criticism, classicism, conservatism

[PDF] Anti-romantic elements in the biographical-critical poems of W H

fundamental question of the meaning of existence The only poem of the period which confronts this problem is Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark " Only 

[PDF] "Arms and The Man" as an Anti-Romantic Comedy

In the play Shaw attacks the romantic ideas about war and love By romanticism Shaw means all that is not based on fact and reality This play is anti-romantic 

[PDF] Anti-romantic elements in the biographical-critical poems of W H

ANTI-ROMANTICISM IN AUDEN'S PROSE 4 III A FURTHER DELINEATION Romantic attitudes, but also a refutation by example of Romantic poetic theory

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