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noun Antibiotic refers to a substance or medicine (for example, penicillin) that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria

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The keyword search included combinations of nouns: “antibiotics”, “prescribing”, “antibiotic stewardship”, “antimicrobial stewardship”, “intervention”, 

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The word 'antimicrobial' (as a noun) is often used to encompass any substance of natural, semi- synthetic or synthetic origin that kills or inhibits the growth 

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Pathogen (noun): a medical term for any type Superbug (noun): an informal term for types of pathogens that can't be antibiotic(noun, adjective):

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26 déc 2017 · gens, proper nouns, names of drugs, and units, are written in English First-line treatment refers to the first round of antibiotic


2018 British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy [unless otherwise stated] of Vishal Marotkar, IconTrack, Creative Stall and Jeff from Noun Project 

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attempts to mitigate the problem of antibiotic resistance remove, or to eradicate”, while yan (?) is a noun that is generally

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word antibiotic as a noun in 1941 to describe any small molecule made by a microbe that antagonizes the growth of other microbes From 1945–1955 the

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antibiotics the treatment some infections an appointment a sample the pain a drug a cold Verbs Nouns 1 The doctor will administer a drug to the patient 2

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For example, an '-ing' suffix occurs with nouns, verbs and adjectives; in the sentence “Teaching is interacting Noun Endings antiaircraft, antibiotic

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anti-, against, antibody, antibiotic, antisocial mid-, middle Some suffixes of nouns, adjectives, and verbs do not create a new word (e g -ing, -ed, -s, -es)


Latin names of medicines are neuter nouns of the 2nd declension ending by - um 15 mycin-, antibiotics derived from fungus Streptomyces, Synthomycinum

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antibiotic A medicine that works against disease or illness antiseptic On your whiteboards, write the correct prefix before the word to create a new noun

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