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Noncount nouns used in sentences: The house is filled with antique furniture I enjoy making jewelry She has great confidence in her abilities


AcTiViTy Can you think of some words that can be a noun and a verb? For example: Noun: What is today's date? Verb: Can you date this antique school dinner?

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some of these are restricted to human nouns (savant, genius) or to inanimate nouns (antique), others are less restricted (e g , giant), much like adjectives 

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12 août 2015 · Adjectives modify or describe nouns or pronouns Example: Ellen was wearing a beautiful antique silver necklace

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Kinaray-a nouns will also be presented The Kinaray-a variety in the southern part of Antique Province is considered in this study Ergative

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Age, like antique; Color, like brown Adjectives are words that describe nouns ( x2) Adjectives will more than likely come before a noun The big bad wolf?

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Some words can be used as both as nouns and verbs, which can get very confusing Try and b) Mr Foster put a cover over his antique sports car in his garage

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Size, like tiny; Opinion, like wise; Feelings, like happy, sad or otherwise; Age, like antique; Color, like brown Adjectives are words that describe nouns (x2)

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While adjectives can modify nouns (the blue car), sometimes nouns themselves —appositives—also The car, an antique Stingray, cost ten thousand dollars

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