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[PDF] [PDF] Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946–2020 - Peace Research Institute Oslo

1,500 fatalities were recorded in Nigeria in 2020, up 50 up from 2019 and al- most twice the figure from 2018 Several of the most severe conflicts of the 

[PDF] [PDF] International Legal Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict

In recent decades, armed conflict has blighted the lives of millions of civilians Serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law are 

[PDF] [PDF] Armed Conflict

an estimated 100,000 girls under 18 were fighting in armed conflicts globally In many countries, the military use of schools led to them being attacked 

[PDF] [PDF] The Law of Armed Conflict - International Committee of the Red Cross

governs relations between States during armed conflicts; • also applies to fighting within the State; • is intended to reduce as much as possible the 

[PDF] [PDF] opinion-paper-armed-conflictpdf

in armed conflicts and to prepare any development thereof"1 International humanitarian law distinguishes two types of armed conflicts, namely:


At any given time, there are estimated to be at least 300,000 child soldiers participating in conflicts Children have special short and long term post-conflict 

[PDF] [PDF] Asymmetrical war and the notion of armed conflict

firmed as much in its Wall Advisory Opinion 13 Apparently, in cases of inter-state war the identification of an armed conflict did not create major problems 

[PDF] [PDF] Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946–2018 - ReliefWeb

CONFLICT TRENDS Brief Points The number of armed conflicts in 2018 was slightly higher than 2017 and much higher than ten years ago, but the number

[PDF] [PDF] Armed conflict quiz - This is the document title

You may reproduce this document for educational purposes only Page 1 Making Sense of World Conflicts Lesson plan 1: Finding out about armed conflict


humanitarian law,” which deal explicitly with non-international armed conflicts, but Armed conflict situations may hinder monitoring work and thus impair the

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