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[PDF] Changes in Musical Attitudes, Opinions, and Knowledge of - jstor

Moderate relationships were found between the gain in the number of formal composers listed on the attitude survey, recordings reportedly purchased (p < 01), 

[PDF] The Effects of Music on Achievement, Attitude and Retention in

The result of the study indicates that teaching new vocabulary through music has significantly increased achievement in English vocabulary learning, attitudes 

[PDF] [PDF] A Comparative Study on the Attitudes and Uses of Music by Adults

Considering their limited social experiences due to vision loss, the attitudes of visually impaired individuals toward music could be formed differently 

[PDF] [PDF] A Study of K-12 Music Educators' Attitudes Toward Technology

Do school setting and primary level of teaching assignment influence music educators' attitudes towards using technology?assisted assessment tools? 4 To what 

[PDF] [PDF] College Students' Attitudes Toward Music - ASU Digital Repository

research on attitudes has burgeoned, with some 27 o of studies reported in two leading journals in the 1980s employing attitude toward some aspect of music or

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Attitudes of Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Students Toward Noise in Youth Attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture

[PPT] [DOC] Appendix 1: Youth Attitudes to Noise Scale The Youth Attitudes to

(2004) in an attempt to explore adolescents' attitudes towards noise The items Item 2, Listening to music while doing homework helps me concentrate Item 3

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