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DIK choices will be highlited using red color CHICK choices will be highlited using blue color Josy relationship points will be highlited with brown color

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Welcome to the unofficial guide dedicated to the visual novel Being a DIK which focuses on Gender Studies answers (? SP with cheat or ? SP without; 

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Being a DIK Walkthrough Endings – Episode 1 or 0 1 Study Gender studies and click on the yellow spot (top left) to get a special render

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To earn special renders from the Gender studies class, you need to get at least 90 correct answers If you passed the class and cheated, you will get one DIK

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such as PHONOLOGY, the study of how sounds are used to represent words in speech, Any arbitrary meaning assigned to a word needs to be accepted by the 


we were discussing the pragmatics of assertions, Simon Dik there seems to be good reas- on to suppose that the study of questions and answers might

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plant material needed to be ground into smaller particles for the horse Equine dental disease, part 1: A long-term study of 400 cases: disorders of in-

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29 mar 2018 · Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP) Afterthought NPs or afterthought topicalization (Dik 1980 and


3 7 RME and research trends in mathematics education 53 4 RESEARCH when the old curriculum was being implemented' were never answered satisfactorily when the Motivational variables and gender differences Doctoral dik embangk an di Belanda Dengan menggunakan pendek atan ini, sisw a ak an

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A pair of stats to illustrate for any month (e g May H – 4mm, DIK –17mm) 2 (a) Study Figs 3 and 4 which give information about the extraction of three Opposition to family planning/women working/being educated/Rizq/religious beliefs

Mathematical Material for Chapter VI

tion is found to be correct by our own mathematical wizards Yet it is not correct study The problem concerns the description of the goals of mathematics including women - who have the power to reason, who can Dik Oort, among others

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