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List of the Books of the Bible The Old Testament 1 Genesis 2 Exodus 3 Leviticus 4 Numbers 5 Deuteronomy 6 Joshua 7 Judges 8 Ruth 9 1 Samuel

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The Catholic Christian Bible contains 73* "Books (as opposed to 66 in the Christian respective compositions not any prophetic distinction among the writers


The New Testament (or New Covenant) is comprised of twenty-seven books and of the thirty-nine books of the present Old Testament at a much earlier time


God inspired many different writers to put his message into words, to write the Some of the books of the Old Testament are as much as 3500 years old

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Does everyone have a copy of the 'Bible Reading Planner'? The Bible is God's Word The Bible The most important book ever written training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work'

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