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According to tradition, the books of the New Testament were written by apostles The term “Gnosticism” comes from the Greek word for asceticism Jesus answered under oath 13) Jews search the Scriptures to check Paul's message

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Strands, The Story of the Church; The Bible and Christian Belief; Philosophy of Religion Ask students to share their answers to the questions on the PowerPoint the Bible or there is a word search of both Old and New Testament books

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1020 Bib Book of Books Activities Religious Supplement - New Testament 2004 Teen Discussion Guide - "Your Parents" Developing Biblical solutions for real life problems 3037 Animals in the Bible Puzzles word search for grades 1-3

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Teachers - Please read the Teacher's Notes for each lesson – the answers are in them sheep is important, if one sheep got lost you would search for it until you found it because you love it so much; In the Our Father we pray that 6)The special book for Christians is the Bible 7)The Bible is God's Word speaking to us

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    [PDF] books of the new testament word search answers

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