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Worksheet 1 The Bible ○ Write out the 2) How many books are there in the New Testament? ______ What are the four divisions of the Old Testament books ?

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D handwriting on the wall (Daniel 5) E like the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) F be a Delilah (Judges 16) G Genesis (first book in the Bible; Greek for “origin”)

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Books of Prophecy # 3 Post Exile Period Haggai Zechariah Malachi New Testament The Gospels Acts The Epistles # 1 The Epistles # 3 Promise Fulfilled

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Some stories of the Bible, e g Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, birth of Jesus, are In groups, the students complete a short worksheet with questions on The Old Testament consists of forty-five books written between 900 BC and 50 CE

[PPT] [DOC] Year 2 “Clues from the Past” Jubilee Primary School Duration: 10

STNT4 - The New Testament consists of 27 books that proclaim the life and teaching of Use 'Make a Book – Old Testament' worksheet (refer to Appendix)

[PPT] [DOC] NT Worksheet  INTRO TO NEW TESTAMENT - Inward Light

How many books are in your Old Testament? ______ What were the 5 sections of the OT? (see back of Worksheet #7 or #20a) 1

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