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[PDF] [PDF] Body part nouns in Kambaata: Semantic extensions and idiomatic

always less common than relational nouns without body part origin) – see 'foot', 'back', possibly 'buttocks' • No use of body parts in expressions of 

[PDF] Tiriki-Logoori Comparative Noun Tone

How to reconstruct noun tone of proto-Tiriki-Logoori: Line up the proto-Tiriki nouns with the proto-Logoori nouns 'prominent buttocks' ??-g??v??n?

[PDF] [PDF] Number marking in Datooga nouns

Datooga nouns clearly do not only display binary oppositions with e -da "buttock, bottom", a l-e -da "stomach"), 0 (mo n-e -da "finger",


Nouns have the inherent and covert property of gender – masculine and femi- p piece of tuber food kuada kuadabip f p buttock kǝdi kǝdibip m p bamboo

[PDF] [PDF] Body part nouns in Kambaata: Semantic extensions and idiomatic

Relational nouns do not seem to have grammaticalized from body parts: ( Alemu 2017:) fagar-áan buttocks-mLOC '1 under, 2 behind' > not attested in

[PDF] [PDF] (What) do noun class markers mean? - University of Virginia

grammatical agreement: are noun class markers and/or agreement markers signs unusually protruding buttocks'), or traits of ill omen in Swahili culture ( kigego

[PPT] [DOC] 1 Introduction - Deep Blue Repositories University of Michigan

The morphology of nouns, pronouns, and demonstratives is covered in Chapter 4 , followed by Chapter 5 on NP ʔáŋgá zè[kér-ò]+H 'his/her (own)buttock'

[PPT] [PPT] Word Classes and POS Tagging

buttocks, nates, arse, butt, backside, bum, buns, can, fundament, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, prat, Nouns: brim and crown are meronyms of hat

[PPT] [DOC] The Acquisition of Grammatical Gender by Second Language

Dutch has a two-way gender-system, as nouns have either de (non-neuter, common gender) or het (neuter gender) (We wickedly pinch that tolp in his buttock )

[PPT] [PPT] WALS Seminar Reduplication

ubing (child) ubbing (children) Proper Nouns (CV-) Common Nouns ( Distributive CVC-) balay (house) k' k' his 'one with large buttocks' With Numbers

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