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Its history is germane to an understanding of its nature, which can be characterized as a hermeneutical approach, grounded in the historical-critical method

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r I HE Bible is not concerned with transmitting general I truths about God, but is the Word of God calling forth "*- a response

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hermeneutics, exegetical methodology, biblical theology, and systematic the- ology? Canonical Approaches in Competition It is widely held that there should 

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between canonical hermeneutics and ecumenical hermeneutics, understood as the approach(es) to biblical hermeneutics as developed within the context

[PDF] [PDF] Canonical Criticism - Marquette University

stage in the formation of the Bible tern Canonical Context and Canonical Hermeneutics Canonical criticism has been defined by the work of two scholars,

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hermeneutics, canonical criticism, canonical theology, et al Such monikers may be grouped loosely under the rubric of canonical approach but it should

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Context is very important to meaning, including historical and canonical context, but the immediate literary context is the final determiner of meaning

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