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“Urban context” is defined in this report as the area within which civilians vulnerable to disruptions in essential services reside and the network of 

[PDF] [PDF] Myanmar: Economic Transition amid Conflict - World Bank Documents

Myanmar: Economic Transition amid Conflict Washington, D C : World Bank definition of conflict-affected township by The Asia Foundation (Burke et al

[PDF] [PDF] Cooperation and Conflict amid Water Scarcity

Over two billion people remain without safe drinking water and more than four billion lack basic access to sanitation Safely managing water is key for 

[PDF] [PDF] What do the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

amid conflict over the control of territory, resources or a Government itself – where the human rights regime cannot be expected to function as intended

[PDF] [PDF] Managing Conflicts and Disasters: - ILO

Even when countries experience disruptive situations such as a natural disaster, conflict or social unrest, the individual and collective efforts of social

[PDF] [PDF] Generating Private Investment in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas

firm—is difficult amid fragility and conflict More than 70 percent of fragile and conflict-affected countries are found in the bottom quartile of the 

[PDF] [PDF] Food Systems in Conflict and Peacebuilding Settings - SIPRI

amid other shocks that already threatened the food security of billions of people, such Violent conflict is non-linear—meaning that it is unpredictable, 

[PDF] [PDF] Get Used to Uncertainty and Conflict - YOUR LEADERSHIP

steady amid uncertainty and conflict, mean For example: “It's clear the marketing department doesn't value the sales people ” Get Used to Uncertainty 

[PDF] [PDF] Conflict-Affected Areas - Responsible Jewellery Council

Conflict means armed aggression, widespread violence, and/or widespread of the worst human rights abuses involving business occur amid conflict over the

[PDF] [PDF] Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: Options - International IDEA

tical examples of contemporary conflict and its management from around Muslim Slavs (Bosniacs) can live amid 4 5 million Croats and 8 5 million Serbs in the

[PPT] [DOC] DRAFT ONE Capacity Development and Organisational Change in

When researchers found examples of conflict-sensitive practice, it was when individual staff members "Institutional capacity building amid humanitarian action

[PPT] [DOC] Strengthening Targeting - South Sudan - Guidance Framework

The aggravation of food insecurity is primarily driven by protracted conflict, Aid programs are subject to the same means of manipulation, rent-seeking of the population being forcibly displaced, amid growing concerns over ethnic violence

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