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[PDF] [PDF] Kitano's Zatoichi and Kurosawa's Traditions of "Jidaigeki" Comedies

Any samurai film, whether made in or outside Japan, undoubtedly draws comparisons with Akira Kurosawa's samurai classics In none of these works is recognition 

[PDF] [PDF] Rating the Humour Quotient in Standup Comedy - ACL Anthology

7 nov 2021 · In this work, we create a multi-modal humour- annotated dataset (?40 hours) using stand-up comedy clips We devise a novel scoring mechanism to 

[PDF] [PDF] How understanding generational differences in comedic sensibilities

26 avr 2022 · preferences for certain types of comedy, such as dark humor, while Boomers uniquely prefer political comedy Gen X stands out for their 

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