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[PDF] [PDF] Can Macroeconomic Factors Predict Antidumping Filings in - USITC

Antidumping (AD) petitions have often been associated with macroeconomic conditions in the filing country Using quarterly data on AD filings at the USITC 

[PDF] [PDF] 1 Estimating the Macroeconomic Impacts of US Anti-Dumping

Estimating the Macroeconomic Impacts of U S Anti-Dumping Enforcement Adam Rose, Zhenhua Chen, Dan Wei and Fynn Prager1 April 15, 2015 Working Draft

[PDF] [PDF] Antidumping in the Americas - Cepal

given the disparities in size, levels of development, and macroeconomic antidumping laws to provide import relief to particular economic sectors As

[PDF] [PDF] Dumping, Anti-dumping and Efficiency - World Bank Documents

Young, "Does ITC Stand for International Trade Cartelizer?" Department of Economics, Clemson University, a paper presented at the Western Economic Association 

[PDF] [PDF] 1 Antidumping Protection and Markups of Domestic Firms

Rutgers University and Penn State and those attending the 2002 Nordic international economics workshop in Stockholm, the 2002 ETSG meeting in Kiel, Germany, 


KEYWORDS: Anti-Dumping Duties, Micro Foundations, Fixed Exchange Rate Regime, Macroeconomic Dynamics, New Open Economy Macroeconomics

[PDF] [PDF] The World Trade Organization and Antidumping in Developing

Keywords: Antidumping, Developing Countries, WTO, Political Economy preferences, the quality of national institutions, and macroeconomic shocks

[PPT] [DOC] Imposing Anti Dumping Measures – More Complex Than It Seems

The main idea behind imposing anti dumping measures is the counteracting of of the duty, and may take into considerations other macro economic factors

[PPT] [PPT] Débat sur la mondialisation

Miles Scott/Macroeconomics: Understanding the Wealth of Nations développement : + grande libéralisation en agriculture et contraintes sur l' antidumping

[PPT] [DOC] India and Anti Dumping under the WTO

Currently, anti dumping provisions is also part of the WTO agreements that the demand for protection increased with adverse macroeconomic conditions

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