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[PDF] Development of Financial Derivatives Market in India- A Case Study

Some space is devoted also to a brief discussion of the status of global derivatives markets vis-a–vis the Indian derivatives market. Keywords: Forward Futures 

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INDIAN DERIVATIVES MARKETS1. Asani Sarkar. Forthcoming in: The Oxford Companion to Economics in India edited by Kaushik Basu


What are the various sources to get information about the commodity derivatives market in. India? The website of SEBI and Recognised Stock Exchanges may be 

[PDF] Subir Gokarn: Regulatory perspectives on derivatives markets in India

04-May-2011 The roadmap for OTC derivatives. 4. The development of markets in India. Page 2. 2. BIS central bankers ...

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India's tryst with derivatives began in 2000 when both NSE and BSE There is an increasing sense that the equity derivatives market plays a major role in.

[PDF] Impact of Increased Derivatives-Trading in India on the Price

Based on a study of the futures and options on NSE Nifty and ten other randomly-selected NSE stocks we found that spot-market has been dominating the futures 

[PDF] Derivatives and Volatility on Indian Stock Markets

Derivative products like futures and options on Indian stock markets have Key words: Derivatives index futures

[PDF] Working Paper No. 248 OTC Derivatives Market in India: cent

16-Apr-2010 Present Structure of the OTC Derivatives Markets in India: . ... Table 5: Participation of SCBs in the Indian Derivatives Market .

[PDF] FAQs - Equity and Currency Derivatives

With the introduction of various derivative products in the Indian securities Markets the margin computation methodology

[PDF] Derivatives Market

India's experience with the launch of equity derivatives market has been extremely positive. The derivatives turnover on the NSE has surpassed the equity 


NSE alone accounts for 99 percent of the derivatives trading in Indian markets The introduction of derivatives has been well received by stock market players

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TOWARDS VIBRANT DEBT MARKETS Harun R Khan Indian bond derivatives markets Improved access to G-Sec market for mid segment retail investors

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