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[PDF] [PDF] Academics and Social Networking Sites: Benefits, Problems - ERIC

This paper focuses on one aspect of digital scholarship, namely academic use of social networking sites (SNS) SNS are defined as online tools which allow users 

[PDF] [PDF] Why Do Academics Use Academic Social Networking Sites? - ERIC

1 fév 2022 · Academic social-networking sites (ASNS) such as Academia edu and ResearchGate are becoming very popular among academics

[PDF] Worldwide networking for academics - ScienceDirectcom

Research Network (EARN) was set up This network now links universities and researc:h institutes in eight European countries To under-

[PDF] [PDF] The Influence of Networking, Individual Effort, and Time - Dialnet

252 Results · The Influence of Networking, Individual Effort, and Time Management on Research Performance of Academics at Malaysian Research Universities

[PDF] [PDF] The role of transnational networking for higher education academics

This paper explores the role of transnational networks in HE by drawing on data from 40 interviews with academics engaged in learning and teaching networks

[PDF] [PDF] User Participation in an Academic Social Networking Service - arXiv

Academic social networking, Mendeley, digital scholarship, It is therefore advantageous for scholars to engage on social networking sites designed 

[PDF] [PDF] Academic Networking: - The Political Studies Association

'mythical and mysterious' status that academic networking has been given I've been overthinking it all this time Furthermore, while most advice focuses on 

[PDF] Networking in Academia - CEEOL

gendered dimensions of academic networking and criticises the existance and impact of a male network on male and female academic career progres- sion

[PPT] [PPT] Characterising the structure of academics' personal networks on

What is the structure of academics' personal networks on social networking sites? How do academics construct and understand their personal networks?

[PPT] [DOC] “To Tweet or not to Tweet?”: A comparison of academics' and

This paper explores academics' and undergraduates' usage of Twitter within a post-92 Effect of online social networking on student academic performance

[PPT] [PPT] Publish or perish

What rules apply for academic networking and what strategies of action have proven effective? An immodest note to establish my “credibility” on the topic

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