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[PDF] CancerPPD: a database of anticancer peptides and proteins

30 sept 2014 · databases The current release of CancerPPD con- sists of 3491 ACP and 121 anticancer protein entries Each entry provides comprehensive 

[PDF] [PDF] An Open Access Database of Licensed Cancer Drugs

11 mar 2021 · A global, comprehensive and open access listing of approved anticancer drugs does not currently exist Partial information is available from 

[PDF] [PDF] CancerHSP: anticancer herbs database of systems pharmacology

15 jui 2015 · address these unmet needs, we developed an anticancer herbs database of systems pharmacology (CancerHSP), which records anticancer herbs 

[PDF] [PDF] NPCARE: database of natural products and fractional - CORE

whose anticancer activities were validated with 1107 cell lines for 34 cancer NPCARE, Natural product, Fractional extract, Anticancer medicine, Database

[PPT] [DOC] Supplementary Table Comparison with previous models used for

59882, ChemBL Database, accuracy of prediction (AUC), 20-fold Cross- Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity

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    [PDF] about databases and users in teradata

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