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antivirus databases are important because Databases

[PDF] [PDF] Secure-State-Cyber-The-importance-of-antivirus-software-and

Antivirus software achieves this by running scans on devices and looking for known viruses which are stored in its database Cybercriminals are

[PDF] [PDF] Usages of Selected Antivirus Software in Different Categories of

Abstract: A computer virus is software intentionally written to copy itself without the computer owner's permission and then perform some other action on 

[PDF] [PDF] Kaspersky Anti-Virus

the source The anti-virus database is used to search for and clean infected objects During the scan each file is analyzed for the presence of viruses by

[PDF] [PDF] Antivirus Software Testing for the New Millenium

As one of the primary benefits of synthesizing known and unknown virus detection is the granting of innate immunity, it is important that any Hybrid system be


before anti-virus databases are updated – in other words, detect a threat be- tence of which is as yet unknown to the anti-virus program because the rel 

[PDF] [PDF] Choosing Anti-Virus Software

Because updates can identify threats not known to previous versions of the anti-virus signature database, it's only common sense to check

[PDF] [PDF] Assessing the Effectiveness of Anti-Virus Solutions - Imperva

into freeware as well as new security models for protection 2 importance of antivirus software has grown significantly and has resulted in increasing demand for dependable we could not rely on any of the existing malware databases

[PDF] [PDF] Kaspersky Security for Windows Server - Kaspersky support

Schemes for updating anti-virus application databases and modules used Otherwise, it will be necessary to login as a user whose is allowed to open the

[PPT] [PPT] Antivirus Software

Viruses can be subdivided into a number of types, the main ones being: This is because most anti-virus software will try to search for known Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, AmiPro documents, and Microsoft Access database files)

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