during genetic engineering what is the function of a ligase enzyme Genetic Engineering

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DNA ligase is an important cellular enzyme, as its function is to repair broken phosphodiester bonds that may occur at random or as a consequence of DNA 

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? Ligases join nucleic acid molecules together ? Polymerases make copies of molecules ? Modifying enzymes remove or add chemical groups


NPTEL – Bio Technology – Genetic Engineering Applications DNA ligase enzyme is used by cells to join the “okazaki fragments” during DNA

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It plays an important role in repairing single-strand breaks in duplex DNA in living organisms, but some forms such as DNA ligase IV) may specifically repair 

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There are many more functions that proteins serve, e g another important role is as an enzyme Like their functions, protein molecules vary tremendously They 

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Furthermore, the process requires 'biological glue', i e enzymes called ligases, to join the insert and vector together A generic gene cloning process may 


ENZYMES IN GENETIC ENGINEERING: RESTRICTION NUCLEASES: EXO The role of DNA ligase is to seal nicks in the backbone of double-stranded DNA

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Used in the cloning method • Ex EcoRI from Escherichia coli 5 The function of a restriction endonuclease or enzyme Fig 10 1 Some useful properties of DNA

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with the plasmid vector became possible with the enzyme DNA ligase, which acts on cut DNA Each restriction endonuclease functions by 'inspecting' the length of ligase Restriction endonucleases are used in genetic engineering to form



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The direct human modification of an organism by manipulating its genetic sticky ends of the 2 different DNA are connected using the enzyme ligase A particular cell will only express genes that code for proteins with functions in that cell

[PPT] [DOC] Basics of DNA Cloning Cloning is making of identical copies DNA

In biotechnology, the process of producing multiple identical copies of DNA Depending on the purpose of cloning there are many vectors available To join the digested plasmid and insert, another enzyme called DNA ligase is required

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E Genetic engineering (the direct manipulation of genes) uses the cloning This pairing is temporary, but DNA ligase (pasting enzyme) can make it In some cases, yeast does a better job than bacteria in expressing eukaryotic genes


Function: A restriction enzyme and ligase--all in one altering the “linking number” in Type III: composed of two genes (mod and res) encoding protein subunits that function either in DNA recognition and modification (Mod) or restriction (Res)

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