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[PDF] [PDF] The Noria or Persian Wheel

Daulab or dulab ,, a word of Persian origin (dol-?b), means a 'wheel', and speci- fically refers to a water-wheel drawn by oxen or horses and designed for

[PDF] [PDF] J Bio & Env Sci 2018 - International Network for Natural Sciences

30 oct 2018 · Abstract Irrigation is the primary contributor of agriculture in arid climate The traditional Persian Wheel irrigation

[PDF] [PDF] Mechanical Systems - MS BOZZI-GRADE 8

Persian Wheel Before pumps were invented, gravity (the Earth's force that pulls everything downwards) was used to make water travel to where it was needed


Average discharge of Persian wheel is about 10,000 litres per hour from a depth of9m with one pair of bullocks 5 Chain pump: The chain pump is used to lift 

[PDF] [PDF] Human and Animal Powered Water Lifting Devices for Irrigation

Figure 6: Animal Driven Persian Wheel Source: Water Pumping Devices A variety of all-metal improved Persian wheels have been built

[PDF] [PDF] Agricultural Implements and Water Lifting Devices in Medieval India

A little change was, plough used with iron share and sowing of seeds was done with the use of dibbling In the field of irrigation, Persian wheel, Charasa, 

[PDF] [PDF] Social Organisation of Shared Well Irrigation in Punjab

26 jui 2010 · long in Punjab since the days of the Persian wheel about negotiate technological changes from Persian wheels to submersible pumps

[PDF] [PDF] 2059 PAKISTAN STUDIES wwwmaxpaperscom - WordPresscom

1 (a) Study Photograph A of a Persian Wheel (i) With reference to the photograph, explain how this machine is used for water supply [3]

[PPT] Persian well

Un puits persan est un type de puits d'eau trouvé au Moyen-Orient, souvent utilisé en conjonction avec un qanat Wikipédia (anglais)

[PPT] [PPT] Slide 1 - agronomy society of pakistan

Persian Wheel Karez Karez New Irrigation System Tube wells the most important technology for groundwater irrigation is the use of tube wells with pump


Ans The invention used for irrigation was called the Persian wheel Q 5 Who wrote Akbarnama? Ans Abul Fazl wrote Akbarnama Q 6 What are chronicles?

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