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[PDF] [PDF] country fact sheet - EEN-Portugal

Official name: Republic of Portugal ? Date of establishment: 1139 ? EU accession: 1st January 1986 ? Official Language: Portuguese ? Time zone:

[PDF] [PDF] Country Profile: Portugal - European Commission

Country Profile: Portugal 1 Political, institutional and economic framework and important actors Until 1974, Portuguese society lived under a 

[PDF] [PDF] Country Background Report: PORTUGAL OECD

Country Background Report: PORTUGAL This report was prepared by the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education as

[PDF] [PDF] 2020 Portugal Country Report SGI Sustainable Governance

Portugal Report These results have led to greater international influence for Portugal, as the country has become a success story and a model for 

[PDF] [PDF] 1 EURAXESS Country in Focus: PORTUGAL

In fact, the Portuguese research and innovation system is structurally internationalised, in part because of the relatively small size of the country and the 

[PDF] [PDF] World Portuguese Language Day - UNESCO

The Portuguese language is taught officially and unofficially in many countries across the world Portuguese is the official language of nine States – Angola, 

[PDF] [PDF] Portugal - WHO/Europe

State of Health in the EU Portugal Country Health Profile 2017 on Health Systems and Policies European a partnership hosted by WHO 

[PDF] [PDF] Integrated Country Strategy - State Department

Effective Portuguese diplomacy has enabled Lisbon to punch above its weight in EU and global affairs Portugal's highly professional armed forces are looking 


PORTUGAL UNITED NATIONS COUNTRY PROFILE Subsequently, the CSD Secretariat published the first Country Profiles series in 1997 on the occasion of the

[PDF] [PDF] Portugal - WHO/Europe

The data and information in these Country Health Profiles are Health expenditure is below that in many other EU countries, with Portugal spending EUR

[PDF] [PDF] Portugal: - Hospitality Net

The Portuguese tourism sector has grown since 2011 by 17th most visited country in 2017 tourism to Portugal from countries such as Spain, France and

[PPT] [DOC] Country Report

6/1/2020 Country Report Portugal Karan Chauhan, Research Assistant Portugal, will rely on fiscal transfers from more financially secure countries in the EU

[PPT] [DOC] Portuguese Economy - European Parliament - European Union

This correction made Portugal the first country in EMU (along with Germany) to have had the early warning procedure initiated against it by the Commission

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