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[PDF] [PDF] PORTUGUESE EXPLORERS - Social Studies School Service

Exploration that features information about Portuguese explorers, including How was Cape Bojador finally passed by Portuguese sailors?

[PDF] [PDF] Portuguese Exploration to the West and the Formation of Reazil

It describes the different coasts and ports of the Portuguese empire for the sailor, giving directions how to get from one place to another 7 Bernardo Gomes 

[PDF] [PDF] Chapter 2

As Portuguese sailors explored the west coast of Africa, they negotiated for gold, ivory, and slaves The slave trade devastated African communities It led to 

[PDF] [PDF] Vasco da Gama: Round Africa to India, 1497-1498

Vasco da Gama was born about 1460 at Sines, Portugal Both Prince John and Prince Manuel continued the efforts of Prince Henry to find a sea route to India 

[PDF] [PDF] Europeans Set Sail - Brookeland ISD

Portuguese sailors sailed around Africa and found a sea route to Asia Main Ideas You are a sailor living in Portugal in the mid-1400s Several of your

[PDF] [PDF] Sailors & Whalers: Forerunners of Portuguese Labor Migration to

the migration of Portuguese laborers to North America study demonstrates that the Portuguese sailors and whalers, who were active in the

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