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[PDF] [PDF] 2022 Country Report - Portugal European Commission

23 mai 2022 · On digital skills, while slightly above the EU average, 45 of the Portuguese population still lacks basic digital skills This raises 

[PDF] [PDF] Portugal Government at a Glance 2015 - OECD

In this year's edition, Portugal performs above the OECD average on this indicator, reflecting the fact that Portugal has been in the group of OECD countries 


Meanwhile, the share of involuntary temporary employment in Portugal is much higher than in other EU countries (Table 1 2) Likewise, the incidence of part-time 

[PDF] [PDF] the portuguese tax system: complexity and enforceability - Redalyc

On average, Portugal raised taxes equal to 37, 1 percent of GDP, below the 40,5 percent of GDP for European Union 15 but slightly above OECD countries with 

[PDF] [PDF] Health Systems in Transition - Portugal - WHO/Europe

In 2014, the number of physicians per 100 000 population (442 6) was above the EU average (349 6) On the other hand, the number of nurses in Portugal

[PDF] [PDF] Portuguese Legislation - ClassNK

on the Portuguese maritime legislation to those seafarers in a practical and The above communication should be followed, as soon as possible, 


As for innovation outputs, Portugal ranks 30th This position is lower than last year but higher than 2019 30th Portugal ranks 30th among the 51 high-income 

[PDF] [PDF] Capital transfer of an amount equal to or above 1 million Euros

Bank of Portugal, attesting the holdership, free from any charges and obligations, of deposit accounts with a balance equal or above 1 million euros, 

[PDF] Representing the Portuguese Empire: Goan Consuls in British East

How was it possible for Goans – such as those quoted above – to represent Portugal in East Africa? Dr Rosendo A Ribeiro was Portuguese vice-consul in

[PPT] [PPT] Presentation-NAV Portugal - ICAO

aeronautical industry, NAV Portugal decided to implement on the 7th of May 2009 a full Free Route Airspace project within Lisbon FIR (FRAL) above FL245


Portugal, The European Court of Human Rights (Third Section), sitting as a and relying on the above-mentioned Franco-Portuguese cooperation convention

[PPT] [DOC] LITERATURE - St Peter's College

The above suggestions focus on the European Portuguese norm Anyone who has already studied Brazilian Portuguese may prefer one of the following:

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