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[PDF] Speaking of Questions - LOT Publications

sample of 23 languages, it is safe to regard the yes-no question as the most basic interrogative type In Dutch as well as in many other languages, 

[PDF] basic dutch: a grammar and workbook - iDutch

This book is a basic Dutch reference grammar with exercises for absolute These questions begin with the conjugated verb, followed by the subject:

[PDF] Dutch for Self-study - Prismanl

Dutch for self-study consists of 18 lessons Each lesson has the following structure: 1 text 2 functions 3 vocabulary 4 true/false questions 5 exercises

[PDF] Mode effects in a basic question approach for the Dutch LFS

Basic questions in surveys by Statistics Netherlands Survey Basic question The basic question approach in the Dutch LFS

[PDF] Q&A - Employment in the Netherlands - Loyens & Loeff

situations might lead to questions, such as: - do we need a work or residence permit for the employee? - will we be confronted with Dutch mandatory labour 

[PDF] German and Dutch in Contrast - Oapen

the diversity of present-day contrastive research, addressing questions relating Essential speech and language technology for Dutch: Results by the

[PDF] Application form Basic Health Insurance Students (= Dutch Public

The questions on this form must be filled out in detail Answers containing strike through or references to other information are not allowed Please enclose 

[PDF] Making Sense of Dutch Word Order - Dick Grune

question has the same word order as an inverted clause; and 3 a yes-no a fine list of these terms in the back of “Essential Dutch Grammar” by H R Stern

[PDF] Verbs and Verb Phrases - OAPEN Library

Dutch Verbs and Verb Phrases Volume 2 Hans Broekhuis Norbert Corver simple and, in our view, descriptively adequate generalizations 4 1 such as ( 10a) are of the type “proposition” and embedded questions are of the type

[PDF] 'Dutch as an SOV Language' - DBNL

In Dutch and German, the position of the (finite) verb in main clauses differs from If the word order of subordinate clauses is basic, we have to postulate a gives examples from German of question word movement in embedded questions,


A real theory would explain the correlations in question and even clarify why there is English and Dutch from a common source in a surprisingly simple way

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