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4 avr 2021 · In 2009, the most popular female names in Poland were Anna, Maria, and Katarzyna (Katherine) The most popular male names were Piotr (Peter), 

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By non-Polish surnames were to be understood the surnames of minorities: Ukrainians, Jews, Belarusians, Ruthenians, Germans The declared rationale behind 


7 4 Female Latvian personal and family names typically end in -a or -e e g Jelena GALANTE Familial relationships 7 5 Married women typically take their 

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3 avr 2017 · 1 2 Gender repartition of highly-educated Polish female migrants 50 Name given to the 16 federal states of Germany Migration

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13 jan 2020 · world, poverty strikes women more frequently than men [Firlit-Fesnak 2015] The phenomenon has been given its own name: the feminisation of

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The employment rate of women with young children has stagnated 46 Figure 1 31 The use of formal childcare is improving 47 Figure 1 32 Poland's energy 


Kehinde: 'the one who lagged behind', given to the second of a set of twins; d Idowu: this Czech female family names are often their male equivalents with the ending -OVÁ The below table shows common endings of Polish family names

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Polish All such non-Anglo-Saxon names have traditionally been algorithm behind the utility is a two-stage procedure: (1) the decoding of the name to determine A female name might be WANG MEI HWA where WANG is the surname,

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over a decade-long history of the prize, just behind the 2016 theme of migration Polish Women's Strike is the largest women's movement in Poland and now after men, and that the majority of female place names are of religious origin

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