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Minimum Foreign Language Eligibility Requirement for Entering a Four-Year College (UC and CSU): Two years required, three years recommended, 

[PDF] [PDF] Foreign Language Requirements THCAS Advising

BA degrees require proficiency through level four of a foreign language • B S (Bachelor of Science) degrees provide depth of knowledge so the student explores 

[PDF] [PDF] World Languages – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between world language and foreign language? Currently there are no statewide graduation requirements in Pennsylvania for a 

[PDF] [PDF] Options to Satisfy Foreign Language Requirements

Foreign Language Proficiency (Bachelor of Arts) This requirement may be met either by successful completion of the appropriate college-level


Central Washington University—Entrance: Students with fewer than 40 credits must complete the foreign language requirement which is satisfied by one year of 

[PDF] [PDF] The Foreign Language Requirement in English Doctoral Programs

Still, Hart considered foreign language study imperative: “English au- 1960s against a strong foreign language requirement: the ascendancy of

[PDF] [PDF] Foreign Language Requirements - THCAS Advising

B A vs B S Degrees • B A (Bachelor of degrees require proficiency through level four of a foreign language BS degrees do not require foreign language

[PDF] [PDF] College Foreign Language Requirements - Connecticut Parent

The legal mandates that ensure services for students with learning disabilities at the secondary level are different from the mandates at the postsecondary level

[PPT] [DOC] Should I take more than 2 years of a foreign language? - OTHS

Many colleges require 2 or more years of the same language for admission; Score with future FL courses; Be better prepared for foreign language requirements for your major Survey results from 4-year residential colleges and universities

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