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[PDF] [PDF] The Dutch economy recovered swiftly in 2021, as the health

Reflecting the strong recovery overall, annual GDP growth in 2021 is forecast at 4 3 Growth is expected to remain robust in 2022, despite strict COVID-related 

[PDF] [PDF] The Netherlands has an innovative mental health system, but high

Despite a shift towards deinstitutionalisation across OECD countries, the Netherlands continues to rely heavily on hospital mental health care The Netherlands 

[PDF] [PDF] Dutch government eases lockdown despite soaring infections

Dutch government eases lockdown despite soaring infections 25 January 2022, by Mike Corder A lone girl waits for a tram in a near-deserted street full

[PDF] [PDF] mothers' perceptions of workplace breastfeeding and pumping at

13 août 2020 · Despite the benefits for mothers and infants, breastfeed- ing duration in the Netherlands is below World Health Organization's (WHO) 

[PDF] [PDF] The Victims Even though the Dutch tried in many ways to resist

Even though the Dutch tried in many ways to resist, sadly during the Occupation 234,000 Dutch citizens lost their lives They died

[PDF] Dutch Relations with the Persian Gulf

Iran and the Gulf, therefore, were not as yet on the horizon of Dutch policy makers Although Shah Abbas I's ambassador to the European courts had visited the

[PPT] [PPT] OECD vs the Netherlands

Despite inequality in learning outcomes, their differentiation is relatively limited Learning outcomes and non-Western migrant pupils in the Netherlands

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