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[PDF] [PDF] A General Comparison of Estonian and Finnish

Finnish is mainly agglutinating, but there are some features of other types (analytic constructions, a low degree of form homonymy; occasionally there is no

[PDF] The Function of Quantity in Finnish and Estonian - JSTOR

The purpose of this paper1 is to compare some aspects of the quantity systems Finnish and Estonian belong to the Balto-Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric

[PDF] [PDF] Estonian language

Estonian differs from its closest large related language, Finnish, at least as much as English differs from Frisian The difference between Estonian and 

[PDF] [PDF] Annex 1 - ESPON

both the Finnish and Estonian regions are located in the Eastern part of their Finnish CBC with Estonia and with Russian Karelia has followed different

[PDF] [PDF] The Case of Helsinki-Tallinn (Finland-Estonia) - OECD

Cost differences between the two economies remain significant Many Finnish companies invest in Estonia to take advantage of cost differentials

[PDF] [PDF] The Case of the Object in Early Estonian and Finnish Texts - CORE

In the old texts Finnish object case selection is similar to present day usage, while in Estonian there are major differences 1 1 Background

[PDF] [PDF] On parallel teaching of Finnish and Estonian - Universität Wien

Finnish or Estonian is taught as part of the languages (and cultures) of difference between the genetic/Finno-Ugric and “areal” framework as it might seem


Transition to low-carbon transport in the Gulf of Finland 2 (650 MW) is contributing significantly to the security of supply in Estonia and as well as in the Baltics that the achieved price is the result of competition between different suppliers

[PPT] [DOC] Mothers are making prid comments-acts that have - FE/Unicamp

Socializing through verbal comments: a comparison of families from different differences in social norms between Estonian and Finnish schoolchildren

[PPT] [DOC] Report from the Estonian experts

Currently the situation is slightly different: the number of aliens with unspecified it is possible to acquire education in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish

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